Privacy & Cookie Policy


“Vivere Livigno” composed this Privacy Policy to explain how the user’s personal data are collected, stored, processed, shared and transferred when the user visits the sites or uses the services. This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data of the user, when the users visits the sites or uses the services. But it does not concern websites or online services that are not owned or not controlled by “Vivere Livigno”. For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that this Privacy Policy don’t constitute a framework contract for the purposes of the “Payment Services Directive”of the European Union (2007/64/CE) or the implementation of that directive in the European Economic Area.
The Privacy Policy was designed to help the user obtaining information about the privacy protection procedures of “Vivere Livigno”, and to explain to the user the privacy options at his disposal. The user may contact us for questions about the privacy protection procedures of “Vivere Livigno” not covered by this Privacy Policy. collects personal data when the users visits the sites or uses the services, including: Information Request: when the user requests information through the website. “Vivere Livigno” collects personal data, such as: name, e-mail, phone number. The amount of personal data required may vary depending on the requested services.
“Vivere Livigno” stores your personal data in an identifiable format for the minimum period necessary for the fulfillment of legal or regulatory obligations and for your business purposes. “Vivere Livigno” could retain personal data for longer periods than required by law, if it is in your legitimate interest and if the law does not prohibit it. If the user’s account is closed, “Vivere Livigno” may hide personal data and other information, but reserves the right to keep such data and access for as long as necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws. “Vivere Livigno” will continue to use and disclose such personal data in accordance with this Privacy Police.
Cookies have defined deadlines: unless the user visits our site or uses our services within a defined period, cookies will be automatically disabled and the stored data will be deleted. “Vivere Livigno” may process the user’s personal data for a number of justified reasons about the data protection legislation in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland:
To manage risks and to protect the site services and users from fraud, verifying the identity of the user and helping to delect and prevent fraud and abuse of sites and services. To fulfill the obligations of “Vivere Livigno” and enforce the terms of the site and services, as well as to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations.
For the legitimate interests of, including:
enforce the terms of the website and services of “Vivere Livigno”;
managing daily business needs, such as monitoring and analysis;
With the consent of the user, also to:
to market products to the user, providing marketing material on products and online services of “Vivere Livigno” and on products and services of independent companies. could also process the user’s personal data to offer services or tailor-made experiences on the use of the site, so that they coincide even more with those that “Vivere Livigno” believes are the interests of the user;
provide personalized services offered by “Vivere Livigno” on third party websites and online third party services.
“Vivere Livigno” may use the user’s Personal Data and other Data collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy to provide the user with a targeted view, functionality or offer on third party websites. To provide these online services, “Vivere Livigno” may use cookies and other tracking technologies and/or collaborate with third parties, such as advertising or analytics companies.
Provide the user with options, features or specific offers for a specific location, if the user chooses to share the information of geolocation through the services.
“Vivere Livigno” will use this data to improve the security of sites and services based on specific location, such as advertising, research and other personalized content.
To answer to requests, for example to contact the user about a question sent to the customer service of “Vivere Livigno”.
The user can revoke the consent to the storage of the data or its usage at any time, nor or in the future. “Vivere Livigno” do not share personal data and/or other user information with third parties. The above-mentioned parties may be located in different jurisdictions than those of the user and outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland. These countries do not always offer an equivalent level of privacy protection.
When the users visits the website and uses the services provided from the website, his commercial partners can use cookies and other tracking technologies to recognize its users and to customize the user’s online experiences, services used by the customer and other content and online advertising to measure the effectiveness of the promotions and to carry out analyses and to reduce risks, prevent potential fraud and promote confidence and security towards websites and services of “Vivere Livigno”.
Some aspects and functions of the site are only available through Cookies, so if the user decide to disable or refuse Cookies, the use of the site and services could be limited or may not be allowed.
With regard to the privacy and communication procedures described in this Privacy Policy, the user can make choiches. Many of the user’s choiches could be explained when the user registers or uses a service or in the context of the use of a site. The user may receive instructions and requests while browsing the site. Personal Data. The user may refuse to provide personal data when requested by “Vivere Livigno”, but in this case certain or all the services may not be available for the user.
Location and other device level information. The device used to access the site can collect information about the user, including information on geolocation and data on user’s use, which “Vivere Livigno” can collect and use.
The user may choose not to receive advertising cookies from third parties, in which case the advertising of “Vivere Livigno&rdq; should not be targeted at the user. The user will continue to see the advertising of “Vivere Livigno” on third party site.
Options may be available to manage your cookie preferences. For example, the browser may allow the user to delete, disable or block certain cookies or other tracking technologies. For more information, see
The user may also choose to enable these options, but this could prevent him from using many of the features available on a service or a site.
There may be an option that allows the user to choose whether to allow the use of cookies or other tracking technologies when using a service or visiting a part of a site. For example, it could be possible to ask to the user if he wants that the service or the site will store some information about him. If so, “Vivere Livigno” will use cookies or other tracking technologies to the extent allowed by the user.

Subject to the limitation imposed by the law of the European Economic Area, the user has certain rights in relation to his personal data. In particular, the user has the right of access, rectification, limitation, opposition, deletion and transfer of the data. To exercise this right, the user con contact “Vivere Livigno”.

Even if “Vivere Livigno” does everything possible to protect its systems and service, the user is responsible for verifying that the personal data that “Vivere Livigno” possesses about the same user is correct and current. “Vivere Livigno” is not responsible for the protection of personal data shared with third parties following a connection authorized by the user.

Sites and services are not intended for minors. We do not knowingly collect data, including personal data, about children or other individuals who are not legally filt to use our site and the services collected to it. If we become aware that we have collected the personal data of a minor, we will immediately delete them, unless we are legally obliged to retain such data. The user is requested to contact us if he believes that “Vivere Livigno” has mistakenly or unintentionally collected information about a minor.
“Vivere Livigno” may review this privacy policy from time to time to adapt it to any changes in your business, site or services and laws. The updated Privacy Policy will become effective from the published effective date.
“Vivere Livigno” can inform users of the change via e-mail or other tools. The user may contact “Vivere Livigno” in case of questions or doubts regarding this Privacy Policy and additional notices or the way in which “Vivere Livigno” manages personal data. “Vivere Livigno” would like to make sure that users’ questions are addressed to the right department.
If the user is not satisfied with the way in which “Vivere Livigno” responds to his concerns, he has the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authorities of his own country.
The Data Protection Officer of “Vivere Livigno” can be reached at: – “Vivere Livigno” di Rocca Giovanni – Via Rasia, 540, 23041 Livigno (So) – Italy Personal Data may include, the name, the postal address (including billing and shipping addresses), telephone number, e-mail address